Physical & Sports Therapy

We are committed to providing quality physical rehabilitative services to clients throughout Southwest Washington. Our goals include timely, personal, and effective treatment, delivered in an environment that encourages positive results. We have an exceptional staff that includes physical therapists, athletic trainers and physical therapist assistants with more than 90 years of combined professional experience.

Knee & Leg Pain

Longview Physical & Sports Therapy has therapists who specialize in the lower extremity and treat a variety of nonsurgical problems, in addition to a team of sports medicine trainers and occupational therapists.


Hip Pain

Longview Physical & Sports Therapy offers evidence-based manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and one on one care to help patient’s achieve there goals and avoid prolonged recovery times.


Back & Neck Pain

We can provide treatment for a variety of different back and neck problems. Our therapists are able to care for any type of back or neck problem, from the simple back or neck strain all the way to the most complex cases.


Shoulder & Arm Pain

Upper extremity injuries can be caused by traumatic injury from an automobile accident, fall or impact from a contact sport. Our physical therapists are able to treat the injured areas to relieve pain symptoms.